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What Happens When Cages Cock are Not Done Correctly

As most men know, cock cages are a huge part of the chastity lifestyle. The majority of this popularity know all about these cages and what their purpose happens to be. However, there are plenty of people who have no clue what they are and what they do. Normally, these cages are quite safe to use while accomplishing their purpose. Although, when cages cock do not get applied correctly, there can be some damage to the penis done from minor to truly serious. That is why you must be careful when putting it on your penis. Of course, generally, the Key Holder is the one who will be placing it on your penis and locking it into place. Hopefully, this person is an expert in how to cage your cock with no harm coming to you. Before you panic, though, keep in mind that accidents rarely happen where these cages are concerned. As long as there is knowledge and a sure hand, things should be just fine.

Welcome to Cages Cock. Like the title says we are all about male chastity and the caging of penises.  If you are interested in learning about the male chastity lifestyle this is a great place to start. Cock cages come in all shapes and sizes and there is a perfect one for yours.

Cages Cock and what to wear.

Male chastity cock cages are available in a variety of size and materials the most popular being metal. Stainless steel cock cages could be found in many cultures throughout the world and are one of the fastest growing fetishes in western society. Cock cages are also available in plastic, silicone, aluminum, chrome plated metal, leather and even rubber. The idea is a simple one and that is to take sexual control away from the wearer and put it in the hands of a key holder.

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